We are an Advisory for Internationalization from and to China, with our network based in Shanghai.

Our consulting activity focuses on the support and assistance of internationalization projects with a specific focus on the Chinese market, especially for investment of Italian companies in China, and for Chinese funds interested in investing in Italian companies.

China's internationalization consulting offer includes the following

Strategic Area

Research and Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Compliance & FDI Strategy
Pricing Analysis
Drafting of Business Plan
Set up foreign company
Definition Sales Strategy and Business Development
Marketing Strategy Definition
Definition of HR Structure
Research and Coordination of Operational and Financial Partners

Operating Area

Digital Marketing
Brand Registration (internal)
Logistics in Italy
Logistics in China (Partner)
Procedures for import and export
Health certificate
Promotion in sales channels
Promotion in B2B and B2C (internal) channels
Back Office
Report (Internal)
Legal Assistance in Italy
Legal Assistance in China
Translations of documents Chinese-Italian
Translations of documents Italian-Chinese